meMy name is Kai Eris and I am a philosopher, writer, dreamer and geek, with my own company specialising in Web and eCommerce.  My career highlight was designing and building a fully automated Intranet and Internet environment for one of the largest investment banks in the world, which enabled our clients to get online anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes.  We offered secure, scalable and highly-available development, testing and production environments with a rich client request form that would allow you to select from a wide assortment of goodies, from Web and application hosting to search, portals, design guides, you name it we had it.  With the ability to manage your site through the power of your PDA it was way ahead of its time.

dWeb rolled out in 1999, immediately saved the bank 10′s of millions of dollars, and led to several awards…  but the best part of all was my team.  We rocked.

You can reach me at kai@openframeworks.com

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